For more than thirty years, the Friends of the Herrick Memorial Library have been caring for our community by caring for our public library. The Friends are a not-for-profit group made up entirely of volunteers, who support the library by offering our time, our energy, and our enthusiasm.

The Friends believe passionately that our public library provides critical services to everyone in Wellington and the surrounding areas, services that in many cases are not available through any other public institution. We exist to ensure that the library can reach as many people as possible, and provide free access to enriching and enjoyable activities.

The geographic area that the HML serves has a little over nine thousand residents. Last year, just over eight thousand residents attended a library program. About eight thousand of us have active borrowing cards. And HML staff members helped us answer more than twelve thousand questions. Clearly, the public library touches all of our lives in important and beneficial ways.

The Herrick Memorial Library has been engaged in the business of making Wellington and its environs a stronger and more vibrant place to live for more than a century, and the Friends of the Library are proud to play a role in that worthwhile mission.

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